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  1. UPDATE: So after reading some of the recommendations about the issue of "Network Disconnected" on LG TV's, and FREEZING, sound stopping on LG TV's, I decided to follow some of them. And, thusfare, I have solved my problem. What I did: I laid the TV on my bed, face down. I removed all the visible screws on the back panel and removed it. I found that there are some "ribbon cables" (They're called that because they resemble ribbon material) that have tight bends, and are taped together going from the system board down to the lower center of the TV where the power button and the WIFI car
  2. I too have this issue with it "freezing", it happens not only on netflix, prime, but also Tablo, AND reguluar over the air channels. The sound goes away for a couple of seconds as well. I also have the network cable disconnect/reconnect message from time to time, and also the "magic" remote isn't so magic anymore. Ugh. I see many suggestions. I'm going to try the suggestion of un-crimping the cable, and see what happens. I'm wondering if there's some sort of internal conflict with the networking, i.e. bluetooth, wifi, lan, and the processor just going into overload and cannnot catch up.

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