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  1. I have just taken delivery of an LG 55EG960V oled tv (UK) and am new to using Webos so this may seem a strange question. The first thing I did was to upgrade to the latest version of Webos 2.0 firmware (03.20.05) dated 11/09/15. A few days later I was going to save some channels using the "My Channels" card on the launcher bar and to my surprise it was nowhere to be seen. Does anyone know where it could have gone or what I might have done and if so how do I get it back ?
  2. Looks like Sept 21st - See the following article ... http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lg-adds-smart-tv-content-partners-provides-free-upgrade-to-2014-webos-tvs-to-deliver-even-more-choices-and-speed-300135634.html