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  1. Using the ethernet cable has always been the workaround...you don't need to do the quick start thing if you're doing that.
  2. you can't downgrade the firmware. and re: your post on reddit, if you install engineering firmware you run the risk of being marooned forever on that firmware and unable to access any future updates, so it's strongly discouraged.
  3. hey Debojit, a lot of people have the same issue: this guy pasted a 'fix', but i didn't try it myself: virextyle 1 point·22 hours ago I think I've found a quick fix, til LG releases a new update; Enter the Network menu (Settings - Network) and make sure you're connected and just wait a sec. then, close all open TV apps from the "recent" tab, and lunch the one you want again. this works for me, hope it'll help anyone here. fwiw in my situation whether the video was paused or not didn't matter. however i do agree it appears to be some sort of issue with the tv going idle on the network, and I can see the rx speed in the router drop to 6 (from 766). it's possible that when i have been experiencing it i had already prebuffered the entire video and it went into some sort of network sleep mode and couldn't come out - but that's wild speculation.
  4. Yep. same problem on 65" C8. Happens on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz, regardless of wifi channel. Does anyone have confirmation that the developers are aware of this?

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