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  1. This disk worked perfectly fine in previous TV. It also works fine with this TV, it has been formatted in this tv, and will record fine. However occasionally the TV will start to record then a minute later stop. I can then go to the program and start to record and it records the rest of the program fine. As I say, it's just occasionally it stops recording.
  2. I've recently bought a 43UN73006LC, It has a external powered SSD disk. Sometimes we'll notice it start to record a scheduled program, then 1 minute later stop recording. Being as LG tried to avoid paying the license for ITV/CH4/CH5 players here in the UK. Any idea why? I've only just bought this TV to replace a 2 year old Philips TV which had no end of hassles, and TBF Smart TV's really are as thick as Pig S.... My old windows 7 media centre PC with TV tuner was so much more reliable and easier to use.
  3. I Bought a 43UN73006LC after having massive hassles with a Philips TV and BBC iPlayer, ITV player etc. A friend recommended LG, so I bought one. NOW I find while you have iPlayer, ITV, Ch4, Ch5 players AREN'T available for my 2020 edition TV. Is this going to be resolved or will I be returning the TV?

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