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  1. I want to add another post to this thread, but since I posted last, it appears that my new "answer" is being appended to the one I last wrote, which was from about four hours ago. Anyway, the TV suddenly started working right. I don't know why. I turned it on and got an alert that the system had been updated (I had previously enabled auto-update). Now apps are also installing. So, all is now as I expected it to be.
  2. Thank you for your help and explanations. Changing the DNS configuration didn't help. From the ISP servers or Google servers, the software update and app installs appear to download successfully (from the progress bar). But, the update or installation fail. My interpretation of this is that WebOS can contact the server, get the software, but cannot install it.
  3. New TV. 55" LED. Plugged into wired network. Settings look good for network. Cannot update OS, install or update apps. "Failed to ... Try again later" What's up with this? Lots of posts about WebOS sucking. But, this is not working much at all.
  4. Again, no answers to such an important question? I just plugged in a new TV. Says wired network is good. No apps will install or update. Do I have to plug my Roku back in?
  5. No answer? This is such an important question. Is this not an LG website? This problem is happening to me. New 2020 LG LED TV.
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