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  1. I have a Android Smartphone with infrared. I downloaded AnyMote on my smartphone. I selectet "LG service Remote" which has a separate key named EZ-ADJUST. The Password was 0413 for my TV. (I had to enable "Use Alternate IR Commands" under settings for my phone.) The country code for my TV bought in Italy is also 3122. So it is possible 3122 means EU and not just UK.
  2. Hello, I have the same Problem with the LG UN7300 from italy. The reason for this is, that LG doesn't pay the italian tax for recording devices (SIAE), which also includes TV with DVR/PVR. I went in the EZ-ADJUST menu and found the DVR Ready function under "ToolOPT6_Energy/Country". It's greyed out so it's not possible to turn it on. Would it be possible to change the number of "ToolOPT6_Energy/Country" to a number for a country where USB Recording is available? Is someone here with an LG UN7300 and working Recording who can share this number?

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