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  1. There have been numerous articles over the pst year suggesting that LG would roll AirPlay support onto the older 2018 model OLED TV's. This was even confirmed by a support person on the chat session for the Australian support site. They said it would be released before the end of 2020. My TV is OLED65C7T and is currently on firmware 05.80.55. Last week I asked the "chat now" person again and they said it was not happening. I'm not sure any of them know what they are talking about. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. It is tempting to think that all the manufacturer needs to do is recompile for a new platform and they could update my slightly older TV. However the reality is that any new software update needs to be quality assurance tested on any and all platforms it may be deployed on. So even if the same binary would run on the older platform they (LG) will not take the risk of bricking thousands of TV's if anything goes wrong. So there is a significant cost to supporting older platforms that can't always be justified. No disrespect but hobbyist programmers that can read a spec sheet often overlook this.

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