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  1. Why should I spend on that if LG supports these app.LG provides these apps for latest smart tv on webos.Why cannot they provide to this model? While they provide Netflix and humana apps, why can't they provide prime and hotstar
  2. Hi, Prime and hotstar are becoming widely used in India past one year.Its so sad to see 49LH576T doesn't have these apps in content store. Please can some one from the technology team of LG answer this question why it has not yet been done and when will you accommodate these apps in your store. Cheers Raghav
  3. Hi, Did you find a way to install these apps?.I tried projecting from my mobile through wifi direct and mira cast but we are getting only audio not video
  4. This is very bad with LG.All other old TVs has accommodated prime and hot star.why cannot you provide these apps for 49LH576T? Please let e know the reason.
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