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  1. Hi @George Hofmeister, Thanks for your comments. I forgot to include that this exact same issue happened first last year and in that time, from reading on this forum, I thought it was like you said, a faulty wifi module. We changed the module and the issue persisted, and it was until LG released a new firmware that it got fixed. I think that the only solution is going to be to wait for LG to release a new firmware again and after that I will have to disable auto update. I am also trying to report the issue directly to LG to see if they can get the fix sooner. I've read also that this type of issues are very common on al brands of Smart TVs, but I am pretty sure my model is one of the worst. Its OS has always been super buggy, lost of strange behaviors, some time wifi didn't connect automatically, some times simple link just won't work with my sound bar, etc., and after the first year of having it the motherboard died, so I had to change it for a used one but in working condition since LG doesn't sell new parts or they charge more than the TV cost, crazy right?
  2. Hi, I have an LG WebOS Smart TV that after the last firmware update the Wi-Fi Connection stop working properly. When I try to connect to my network, it will instantly disconnect or it will freeze my TV. Model: LG 55UF6450-UA (bought it on November 2015) Firmware: 03.16.00 Also, I don't know if it is relevant but my TV is a US version that now I have it with me in Costa Rica, Central America. I've tried everything posted on the internet and forums: - Connecting to my cellphones hotspot (worked for about 5 min the first time I try it and then stop working and would work again when I tried to reconnect). - Change the DNS to google's DNS. (Once I was able to do it but didn't fix the issue, and also first I need to be able to connect to a network for the TV to enable the option for changing manually to static ip's). - Doing factory reset won't fix it. - Changing the Country/Region/Time zone won't fix it. - Changing to manual time won't fix it. - Can't do the downgrade procedure posted on this forum for two reasons: because you need to be able to connect to the wifi or via ethernet and it isn't working, and also I can't find an older versión of my firmware. I am pretty sure that I need to downgrade or even just do a fresh installation of the actual the firmware, but I can't find the right way to do it. Maybe with an LG service remote? but again, I need to first get on my hands a working firmware version for my TV right? Any recommendations?

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