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  1. LG 55SM80850PLC TV set repeatedly forgets, corrupts, deletes or otherwise renders useless any "Quick Select" and also "Scheduled" settings. These facilities are not fit for purpose.
  2. LG 55SM8050PLC (2020) I added a programme to the favourites list and since then the TV continually flashes between a programme and the 'Live TV' symbol shown in the Home display. No input from the remote control is accepted, the flashing continues. Tried turning the power off and restarting, no change. Turning TV off and on, bo change. Leaving it off or on, no change.
  3. I have a similar problem. Most of the programmes have moved to where I want them BUT a block of 4 or 5 at the bottom of the list refuse to move. LG web OS TV SM8050PLC, Version 04.80.03

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