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  1. Yes it is correct. I did not see any "Stay" or other invite button when I plugged the stick in. I could only go to the connection tab and click on the usb button. If the TV does not allow to downgrade the system, is there a mean to turn off this interdiction?
  2. Thank you for your help. The firmware on my TV is 05.00.10. I downloaded the 05.00.02 as you suggested, but I can't install it on the TV. I unzipped the file, copy it at the root of an usb stick and when I open this stick on the TV, 3 icons open (video, music, recording) each are seen as empty and nothing else is proposed. I tried to make a directory LG_DTV and copy the firmware in it, as suggested by the "update software update guide" found on the same page as the firmware, but this fails too. What is the right way to replace the firmware? Thank you. F.P.
  3. Thank you for this answer. 1- What is the way to get the firmware for my TV. I would have it (and how to install it) in case that at the next upgrade, films or audio from my nas won't work! 2- I will report the issue to the french lg support. 3- I tried several dlna server (minidla, emby, kodi...) The result is the same for the photos: metadata only are read by the tv! So, I can choose to watch what are the camera I used, when I take the photos, but I can't see the photos. Regards. F.P.
  4. Bonjour, I have a Webos TV: LG 43UM 7450 Since the last software update, I can't display my photos which are on a dlna home server. films and audio files are displayed and can be played on the TV, only the pictures are not: "directories empty" says the bird? The names of the directories, the dates of photos, the name of the camera are displayed, so the TV has an access to the exif metadta but not to the image itself!! What can be done? Thank you for helping. F.P.
  5. Bonjour, I just bought an LG TV: 43UM7450PLA and I have a few questions about the use of this TV. 1- On my home network, I have a DLNA server where are stocked films, music and photos. When I want to play music, sometimes the answer is: "there is no music files in that folder". Strange answer because there are music files in the folder and because sometimes this music is played without any complaint from the TV. How can I know why this answer (no music files...) is given? Are there some log files somewhere in the TV? 2- I often watch the TV via the internet navigator and it is very difficult to have a stable connection, the stream is often interrupted or stopped with a message error (an error occured, try again). If I watch the same TV stream at the same time on my computer, it works like a charm. Why this different behaviour on the TV? Thank you for your lightd. F.P.
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