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  1. There's one obvious voice command that my LG TV (bought in 2020) is missing and I can't believe it's not there: a simple Power On. I know that Wake On LAN works because I can get my TV to switch on by voice in Google Home using a very cumbersome combination of IFTTT, PushBullet and AutoMagic software on my phone. This works sometimes if my phone is "awake" and connected to wifi, but I (and, I'm sure, many other users) need something much simpler and more reliable! Come on LG.
  2. Thanks. I wasn't sure whether this was a TV or a Windows update but I see it's available in my Windows updates "optional" list, so I'll give it a try.
  3. I'm sharing photos from a Windows PC to my TV (8600PLA) and am able to see the folders and contents on the TV screen. However, I'm astonished by how primitive the interface seems to be - akin to PC apps maybe 20 years ago. There seems to be no way to simply select a folder and then view the images with in it. No "Select all" - really? It's not unusual for my folders to contain 100 or more images. Am I really expected to select the folder, select VIEW and then tick each image individually, before then going down to press the PLAY button? What if I have guests to whom I want to show the photos -

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