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  1. Thank you for answer I tried this setting and tv still change image setting profile depends on is it tv, photo etc. I am thinking i must tweak every profile
  2. I think many people have this problem but i can't find the answer. I am talking about change image settings when i run vod movie and not mode from standard to other but in the same mode other settings. How you disabled this? Thanks
  3. Hello Maybe i didn't try all methods posted here and in internet but when i'm trying to connect i get message can't connect on Windows 10 laptop via miracast. TV says that laptop is trying to connect then exit to the tv channel and saying about failure to connect or smart share app can't run. I think i do everything correct. I have LG 8600PLA with latest firmware. With android i have password requirements when i want to connect to tv. In this situation tv don't give any message.
  4. Hello I'm from Poland and i have a question is it possible to change location for other then my country and be able to install apps not available in my country? I know that they wont be in my language.

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