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  1. I just tried to reproduce using the Original setting with Plex and it works, but only with subtitles disabled.. Which doesn't really fill my use case. Anyway I'm cooking up an app that streams directly from UPnP/DLNA and shows external subtitles. It's working, so it's possible. Just need to spend some time making it usable to public and also how to find the external subtitles instead of having them hardcoded with the app.
  2. I didn't know that. I'll give a it a shot, thanks! It's weird to have this "LG webOS Wish List" sub-forum then...
  3. The problem that I have with Plex is that it transcodes content. I don't want that to happen because my Plex server is not powerful enough and also because I don't think it should be necessary to have Plex to access a network drive from LG webOS and read the files directly. It's capable of that, it's just a matter of adding support. Thank you for the tip.
  4. I agree. LG is missing some useful features.
  5. To add to this subtitles issue: it would also be great if there were more options to make the text smaller (even on the smallest setting it's still "huge" on my 55" I can even imagine on a 65"). And the positioning only goes to -2, it should go to -4/-5 so that it would sit lower on the screen.
  6. Hello, It would be a great addition if OLED TVs had more options for subtitles color: like a dark gray, a very dark gray and maybe a transparency setting also. As it currently stands the subtitles ruin the watching experience a bit because they're too bright on HDR content :( The gray option nearly identical to white. Also support for more subtitle formats such as PGS would be great, it would remove the need to have an external device for video playback and improve the overall experience. Regards Luís

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