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  1. Don't reset.. I did and it did nothing to fix it... I still have the problem and other issues as well with the network connection including NO WiFi ... So stuck with CAT 5 and very slow speeds. I have a Service Tech coming out this week - I hope.. I will update after this..
  2. No WiFi singles show up in the listing - I guess it is time to setup a service call.. It appears that the WiFi is NOT turned on and I can't find any way of turning it on. Thanks for the info.
  3. I have been using a CAT5 cable for my network connection to my TV. Using a Cable Box wireless box. But the signal is getting slower. I want to try WiFi but I can't seem to be able to turn on the WiFi setting in the setup mode. Could it be because the CAT5 cable is plugged in to the TV. I tried unplugging the cable from the box and it still won't come up. I can reach the cable plugged into the TV - it is mounted on the wall and can't be reached without taking off the wall... Model - 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV - 60" Insert other media

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