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  1. Yes, I did it before my replaced Brand new motherboard, it slowed down the messages which were happening every 15-30 min. After new motherboard install it happens maybe once every couple of days.
  2. Mine was worse with the initial motherboard Now it’s Better it’s very random now could be days And even weeks. I also think there is definitely an app triggering this from the LG content store or LG settings. The fact that multiple models and people reporting the same error is definitely software /firmware. Would like someone in LG R&D to acknowledge this issue and supply a fix?
  3. This has to be a software issue, I have had the main board replaced all my cables checked and multiple Router devices tested. Same issue. hopefully in next firmware update they can resolve this.
  4. Just got this TV 1 week ago every 15min - 1/2 hour I get the random LAN disconnected while in the middle of YouTube etc. I also noticed there is huge quality difference in video I play it’s poor quality on YouTube I’m on a 100mbps connection off the internet There is something definitely wrong with TV firmware As there is very high latency, can anyone please shed some light on this?

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