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  1. i guess your tv is 2018 model. some older models have wifi issue too. like my uh850v(2016). wifi chipset gets too hot and shutdown itself if i stream over wifi too much. can't reach wifi until restart the tv.
  2. very interesting. if led light works fine, it should work too. if you just look tv options, yes it said there is no internet connection but it can. did you check connected device list on your modem? nvidia shield is perfect solution for everything. my suggestion is; try to save money for a few months and buy it. don't waste your money for other devices.
  3. i tried all ports and all works. now it's connected to 3.0. i have only one annoying thing with this connection type. i am using lg smartshare as a dlna server and "photos and videos" app on tv for watching things. sometimes that "photos and videos" app couldn't find my pc. than i have to click multiple times to refresh button from top right, close the app and reopen the app. other things works perfectly like plex, iptv, youtube etc.
  4. looks like your tv is from 2017, not that much old. my 55uh850v is from 2016. try cable matters adapter on page 1. it works perfectly on my tv so it can work with your tv too like the others.
  5. first of all, thanks for finding compatible adapter for lg tv. i bought cable matters for my 55uh850v and it works perfect. but i have a problem. i am using 3.0 port for now and sometimes tv's smartshare app doesnt show my pc as a dlna server. i have to click refresh button on top right and close the app then reopen it. sometimes i have to repeat it 2 or 3 times, then it works. also i want to ask something. how you guys measure your lan speed on tv? is there any application for turning my pc as a server then using tv's web browser to connect to my pc and doing a lan speed test?

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