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  1. perhaps try using Powerline plugs instead, cheaper than buying a whole new TV, and avoids having network cables running around your room/house too. The Network is fed from the router, through the nearest power socket, through your house mains, into the closest socket to the TV, and then via ethernet cable into back of your TV, a wired network connection.
  2. Hi , i believe i have WebOS v1 on my 2013 42LA620V and have troubles with the Demand5 app. My newer 2017 LG has the My5 app, and i'll bet the 2013 is no longer compatible. Is this the case please? One day i'll work out how to blast the older set with an Open Source Android OS, to breath new life into it, as the screen and picture are still decent enough. Thanks, Tony
  3. first link/image below is webOS 1, which i have on my LG 42LA620v from 2013, second link/image is webOS 2/3 which i have on my LG 49UJ630V from 2017. What i'd like to know is, how to i update the catch-up TV apps on my older LG (e.g. Demand5 to My5), or is it history?

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