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  1. Well unfortunately the "unplug from power source" doesn't work for me. I live in South Africa we are currently having scheduled power outages for +/- 3 hours daily even that prolonged period of "unplugging" doesn't work. What's even more strange/annoying is that the LG content store & all other apps won't work on a wired connection directly connected to my ISP modem/router on FTTH (using Google DNS) but NETFLIX works without a single glitch all the time. I keep getting the "CHECK NETWORK CONNECTION (-118)" error message on the wired connection. I'm almost convinced that the wired connection takes second preference to a wireless connection as I can access the content store & the rest of the apps via a cellular broadband connection (without using Google DNS) even though the wireless doesn't work at all on my primary ISP modem/router. I have put the TV in the DMZ on my primary wired ISP modem/router to avoid any firewall/port blocking issues to no avail I have even requested for a static public IP address from my ISP. Is there any way to pull logs directly from the TV via SSH or something? BTW I also got +20 years tech experience but this is just mind boggling & highly frustrating!!
  2. Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm an IT guy also troubleshooting the exact same issue for weeks very frustrating!!!

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