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  1. A small update, as I posted earlier that we had troubles with our projector. Mine had a habit of dropping wifi connection without me knowing until I went into Netflix, so the only thing I can suggest is go into the settings, disconnect from your internet and reconnect and see if the set got hung up. Unless you have already tried that. And maybe a router/modem reset? Other then that I have no other suggestions. Still have an open ticket.
  2. Sorry for reviving, Though just saw this and decided to leave an instruction here in case someone else need this. >You have to enter its service mode option, to do a factory reset. There are two methods to reset. The first is simple to do; a Hard Reset. The other is somewhat skilled; is a Factory Reset (System Reset). To make it a hard reset, just unplug the device from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 15 minutes or so. If you do this by overnight is better.
  3. Greetings. Seems like I have a similar situation. The only addition that I have a different projector model PF1000UW. My location is the same, NZ. Netflix app is missing.

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