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  1. In my case, it has solved, left the TV running straight for 3 days, and the problem has not shown up. Then I sold the TV as I don't trust LG anymore. Anyway, it's quite an unexpensive and easy fix, worth a shot.
  2. Yeah, working flawlessly. Hope there's another solution an well. The part only cost me 10 bucks in Brazil, in opposition to LG SERVICE wanting 200 bucks to fix the TV.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I opened up the back cover and found the wifi module, it was quite easy as you mentioned, mine was in a plastic cover with the power button. Now I gotta wait for the part to arrive. I'm in Brazil, wasn't hard finding it online. My tv is a 49uj7500, part lgsbwac72
  4. Same problem here, random wifi and magic remote problems. 49uj7500
  5. Having the exact same issue with the magic remote on my 49uj7500, same firmware. It's so annoying. Tried everything but could not downgrade. Magic remote comes and goes randomly.

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