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  1. Well, besides the obvious like unplug the netwerk cable or switch it out, there could be a bad connector etc. Also unplugging and powering down are two different things. I’m pretty dumb but maybe there could possibly be enough power to keep the settings, ie:standby power? Perhaps? I would still unplug for 5-10 minutes just to be double sure and while you’re at it swap your netwerk cable out or at least check the fittings/connectors. Good luck!!
  2. As crazy as this sounds try this, unplug your tv for a few minutes then plug it back in. I’m a computer repair tech and have years of experience in a variety of electronic troubleshooting. I was having this same issue when I ran across this fix that seemed so silly but it werked!!
  3. surprisingly enough this werked for me! I tried changing the dns and several other netwerk changes but simply unplugging the tv did the trick.....thank you!

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