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  1. Hi. Don't know if you have found a fix yet but with my 2018 LG C8 I've needed to delete & reinstall YTTV app for WebOS more than once since purchase in August 2018. Not sure but it seemed to happen after the LG had an OS update. HTH
  2. Absolutely! There's no reason not to & plenty why it should. NTFS is Microsoft & excludes many who use Mac, Linux, etc. That's why it surprised me that WebOS accepted NTFS. ExFat is universal. Make it happen WebOS!
  3. I switched for a 2015 Samsung LED to a OLED C8 & tried to use my USB drive which was formatted in exFat & had lots of video data on it & naturally didn't work. The drive was 8Gb & 2 formats were offered; exFat & NTFS. To my surprise, my C8 accepted NTFS. I really didn't think NTFS would work as it's a Microsoft file system & not as universal as exFat should be.

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