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  1. Please find attached the pictures of the faulty rf module. Since is a common fault on many tvs, please make arrangemnts for a replacement. I may send you my address if requested. Thanks Thomas xydas
  2. Hi, I believe, by replacing the wifi module, will solve most of the errors - as i had the same problems-, if not all. Do replace the wifi module and let us know.
  3. Hi Iinitially i had the sane problems as as you do. I was not using the. Wifi as next to the router. As the module is quite inexpesive it worth tryng. I bought mine from uk, second hand. Another person from brasil reaired his tv with 10 dollars. It all depens on your location. After a month , and following replacement of the wifi module, my tv is working fine.
  4. Hi, my tv was updated mid december. Have replaced the wifi module in mid Jannuary and cured the problem. The last update was in Demember.. My tv is working without any messages.
  5. good luck. My TV is fine since replacing the the WIFI module. It seams that is a common problem on this line of TVs.
  6. 1. Remove the back cover. 2. The wifi module is at the bottom center. Its a small box, which could be removed by one screw. The box has the bottom switches as well tje wifi controller. 3. Disconnect the plug from the wifi and remove the board. Teplace tje wifi board with a working one and connect the connector. Fix the box back to the tv 4 fix back cover. Is quite easy procedure. Should not take more the 30 min. Goodluck
  7. Since the wifi could not detect any wifi networks, it was obvious to me that the wifi module is faulty. Made some research to find out the correct part number of this module and bought one from the ebay. I do have fair background of electronics - communication. Hope that my solution will help you.
  8. Solution to this Fault on LG SJ810v I had the same problem with my 49sj810v (random messages connected- disconnected devices, the wifi could not detect any networks, and the magic mouse could not connect(could not register as the bluetooth had to be initialised)). SOLUTION: Have replaced the RF Module (EAT63377302 WI FI MODULES & 3D TRANSMITTERS FOR LG GENUINE 49SJ810V). Now everything is working Fine. Hope this message will help other LG tv owners that LG will not help.
  9. In my 49SJ810v TV the wifi does not see and wireless networks, as well the Magic control does not register. It seems that the Wifi and bluetooth are related (same module). Could any one (LG Support as well) to confirm the Part number of this module. It seems that there a lot LG SJ810 tvs that have the same problem
  10. The TV is 49sj810v .Following the firmware upgrade, the pop up messages are still annoying (no change). In brief, it displays lan disconnected - connected, unknown device disconnected. Aslo my WIFI stopped working, as well the magic remote control (i have two remotes and none could be registered. Every time that i try to register, it displays Bluetooth has to be initialised. Currently am using a standard Remote control from my older 3dLG television. Question: Does the bluetooth and wifi modules in this TV related? It seems that this is the last LG item item that i have purchased. Cu
  11. Have exatly the same problem. My wifi does not work ant more, only wired connection. While it displays the message, the remote control does not work. Any solution?

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