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  1. Hi, I have to say, YES I'm using TrueMotion and YES I'm lucky with that fact :-) But "time after time" this setting is reverted to off. I have to set for live-TV, for Netflix, for Amazon-Prime over and over again... Is there a solution to set every channel, every app to always on?! TV is 55uj6309 with webOS 04.70.45
  2. Hi, i have a Pioneer 5.1 receiver connected via HDMI-ARC. Sound by watching live-TV is ok, Dolby Digital output too. Watching Netflix or Amazon Dolby Digital output is not working and gets very heavy sound failures. Sound's working only in PCM! That's very poor..... My settings: Audio output via arc "automatic" DTV-audio settings "automatic" firmware 04.70.45 Any solutions??

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