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  1. mine is 43LG594V after the software update last week - YouTube appears to be a lot more 'stable' Lot less 'jumping out' due to; this app will restart to free up more memory Watched 2.5 hours on Friday - no crash same Saturday Watched Coachella over 3 hours on Sunday and it did crash out once.
  2. Noticed my TV has done an LG software update last night. YouTube was working ok this morning - however the last few weeks I have had multiple 'this app will now restart .....' If this software update has not fixed the issue - I will ask Tesco for my money back - I suspect (but happy to be proved wrong) that the TV just does not have adequate memory installed to operate as a 'Smart TV'
  3. An update Had Peterborough Video Services out on Friday – via my Tesco online fault log Very professional and helpful However problem still exists – as its an internal TV memory issue – as in the lack of it! Comes up with same issue on Channel 4 App Both Youtube app and Channel4 app will run with no issues for say 2 hours. Then at random times the apps will jump out of that particular video/programme If the TV is left on – standby - -next time I use the apps are used it quickly starts to have problems. In my opinion the TV is not ‘smart’ – it has little or no memory – it does not operate as advertised. I am now going to ask Tesco for my money back. A non ‘smart’ TV with Roku box (approx £20) added into HDMI port will work much much better
  4. Thanks for the replies of 15th January - your time and input much appreciated. I have checked YouTube works via screen share/WiFi from my mobile Also checked on dads TV that Roku box works fine also. Hence I conclude there is a lack of physical memory installed on LG TVs - i.e. a design fault and product does not meet 'Smart' TV operating requirements. I will speak to Tesco (bought online) and see their thoughts and then post back on here.
  5. Got the same problem with my LG TV - very annoying - been given run around by LG even though they know its an issue Is there a solution to this before I take it further with trading standards etc?

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