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    WebOS desired apps

    While it is quite a disappointment that the LG WebOS does not have some of the most popular apps like HBO, Spotify, etc. there are fairly cheap solutions to address the issue. Most major streamers like Chromecast Ultra, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Nvidia Shield support these apps and much more. I personally have an Nvidia Shield that doubles as a Plex server. The Shield is very close to the equivalent of a PC in a tiny box, with USB ports that support external storage (I have a 5 TB Seagate Portable HD plugged into it with lots of content) and even USB TV Receivers for live antenna TV and DVR with Plex. So the solutions are there, just not built into the TV. The LG OLED is one of the best pictures you can get today so I can forgive the lack of apps. This may not be the case in a couple of years when newer Quantum Dot LCDs (do not compare this to the current Samsung QLED flawed quantum dot) or other OLED's from other manufacturers with better Operating systems appear (like the current Sony OLEDs with Android TV). For now, you can spend less that $100 US and get a 4K streamer that will satisfy the stuff that is missing from LG WebOS.