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  1. It's November 2017 and my lg has started to have the same issue. Web browser keeps crashing and displays message to the effect that it needs to close to free up more memory. Come on lg fix the problem
  2. I'm getting similar message on my 55" telly. The browser keeps crashing when watching video. Come on LG patch this problem please as it makes the smart telly seriously dumb!
  3. My Lg TV which has the smart functions and magic remote is playing up. I often use web browser or you tube or similar apps to watch videos etc. Recently however, it keeps crashing and displays a message to the effect that the memory in the app is low or it need to close to free up more memory? My TV is less then 2 years old and is doing this. I love the telly and the smart features especially the web browser function, however this recent issue is making me think about the longevity of such LG smart TVs and whether I should've spent a few hundred more and got another telly. Please can someone advise what I can do to fix this as it takes away the whole point of smart TV. Thanks