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  1. I have had the same issue with the LG content and in the end it turn out that it was the internet connection issue. Regarding the picture quality, I have regretted that i have updated my OS....the picture quality it has not been the same like when I purchased the TV. Another problem is that u can not downgrade the OS. Actually the upgrade effected my SD channels and not the HD channels.
  2. I do have HBO GO in my UH 770 ... but the app wont work if u are a direct user and have paid the services online. The app works only if u use the HBO services through an operator. HBO GO is much more complicated compare to Netflix
  3. Try to connect to internet on some other wi fi spot ...or try to connect to internet through your mobile and see if it is going to load
  4. I think the browser gets updated whenever there is a software update or upgrade
  5. Hi everyone, I have LG 55770V and after the last update the quality of SD channels have gone down....now i can watch only HD channels. Does anyone have the same issue??? Is there any setting that can fix this? I come from Macedonia and actually we have only few HD channels.

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