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  1. I have just upgraded my 2014 TV to... webOS 2 ? The firmware is 1.4.0-2507 (afro-ashley). Tv model: 42LB650V-ZN Country: France Sounds good right?
  2. Nice, I did it. But I still have the "red ballon and Co." pictures in my webOS LG TV. See the photo I have token this morning after your advices.
  3. Hello, I didn't try. I'm wondering how deleting a picture can be possible. Maybe by connecting to the TV trought SFTP (or other) connection ?
  4. Hello everybody, I'm French and new on this forum. I would like to know if it was possible to delete pictures which are "by default" in the storage of my LG webOS TV. I can see those pictures in Smart Share and, in some ways, it "pollute" my pictures. I'm talking about defaults pictures stored IN the TV like the picture of the "red balloon", etc. Any idea ? My TV : 42LB650V Firmware : 04.0.13 ? (don't remember exactly)

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