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  1. I am surprised that there is a Facebook app for Samsung and other popular TVs, but not for LG. Does anyone see a Facebook app in their location?
  2. I have several lg tv’s of the non smart type. Setting the recording time from the TV guide is simple. However on Webos it is extremely complex. Let me explain. Where I live, programs always finish beyond their scheduled time. On the non smart tv it is easy to add an extra fifteen minutes to the time while defining it. On webos you need to first define it and then go to a different application in order to edit it! It makes recording from the schedule just too complex for most users. Please,please fix this in an update.
  3. I have a 49UH651 with webos 3.0 I thought that recording from the schedule was not working when it actually was! The problem was that when I switched on the tv and went to webos/recordings I saw a screen that said that there were none! What is happening is that the tv takes a long time to acknowledge the disks existence. More than a minute. You can see this when you look at the connections list. The disk is missing. However when you go straight to webos/recordings it does not mention that it is still waiting for the disk, so you assume that the recording has not been m

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