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  1. Hello everyone! I've just bought the new LG 55SM8600PLA with the latest update (AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support) and having many problems with it. The moment I plug the Ethernet cable on it, the TV starts spamming my entire network with Zeroconfi packages (captured with WireShark) resulting on all devices becoming unresponsive and slow. Here is screenshot of me pinging a wireless device with latency higher than 500ms, the moment I turn off the TV, ping goes to normal ~1ms (all cable): This happens with all devices on my local network. Using a couple of Asus RT-AC68U routers. Does this happens to any of you? Thanks!
  2. 1. Just format a USB falsh drive in FAT32. 2. Create a folder named: LG_DTV 3. Copy the firmware file inside the folder LG_DTV 4. Insert the USB on TV 5. Press install 6. Check on TV settings, general, about TV. You will see the firmware being installed, just like normal download over the internet. 7. When finished, turn off the TV and then turn it back on.
  3. Just installed the version 05.00.55 (corrected, not .50) from that link and it seems to be solved! My TV: LG WebOS 42LB6500. I think this firmware is multi language, since I can choose the language and region on settings. Maybe you guys can give it a try! Hope it helps!
  4. Hey guys! I've found a post on a forum here in Brazil. A lot of people are experiecing the same issue. It is a firmware (05.00.35) issue. The new 05.00.50 solves it. Here is the link for the new firmware for manual instalation. At least for my 42LB6500 Brazilian TV: http://su.lge.com/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201512/starfish-atsc-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2515-05.00.55-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk
  5. Have you checked out this tutorial? http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1997-how-to-downgrade-webos-tv-firmware-tutorial/ Looks like a lot of work and tinkering...
  6. I was about to send for repair, because it is out of warranty. Now I'll wait if there are any solution, since other people are experiencing the same problem. I've also tough of downgrading the firmware, will try. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! News about this issue? Random on-screen warnings that HDMI inputs are being inserted are appearing and ARC audio keeps disconnecting randomly. This sucks. Does that happens too with you? Could not fix with @Jecamacho solution. Thanks a lot!

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