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  1. Hi If the TV don't respond to any command using classic remote control or the TV button (maybe the smart Remote control are not paired anymore) and the resoft process was without errors or with no power cut until the process was ended, that looks like there is a hardware issue and you have to replace the flash IC :-(. I'm afraid you have to contact an authorized service for this :-(, they have an already written flash. When was your last firmware upgrade?
  2. Finally Apple has admitted that they are software "aging" the iPhone (I prefer to replace the battery), I think we will find out soon that TV producers are aging LED technology in the same way, the client must be directed to OLED technology. I just bought a brand new LG WebOS UHDTV, the image is like on my old LG NETCAST UHDTV before downgrade :-(. I think the case is lost :-( it is an 2017 model and there is no older firmware. I am thinking to return the TV and buy another brand. PS Apple become very aggressive with the iPhone iOS update :-(. Periodically the phone ask the safety code to start the automatic download and overnight installation of the latest iOS. And unfortunately there is no jailbreak to stop this :-(
  3. Can you tell me if you can make an official downgrade? After every upgrade, my TV image quality decreased, I waited few official upgrade but after every upgrade the image quality decreased (very little differences in shades, like the screen were aging). Apple has the same policy after every iOS upgrade the iPhone becomes "older" :-) . I learned the lesson, if I don't have a real reason for an upgrade I will keep the original firmware. After the firmware downgrade, my tv have a very good image like a new one. This was my downgrade reason. good luck
  4. works for 40ub800v, even if is NETCAST not WebOS 10x Simon, excellent topic
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