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Upcoming and Rumored webOS Products

Discussions about upcoming and rumored webOS products, devices, apps, partnerships and the future LG webOS ecosystem.

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    • I have run into the same problem, and have discovered a workaround. I have a Google Pixel 7a, so always connected to a Google account. And YouTube on my LG UJ6300 is logged into the same account. With both devices on the same wifi, when I run the YouTube app on both devices, the phone offers to connect both devices. I then see the comments and other options (including the like and dislike buttons) on my phone that relate to whatever video is playing on the TV. The like and dislike buttons on the phone work as expected, whereas they are still non-functional on the TV's app. It's not ideal, but at least it gives me some means of training YouTube's algorithm with my interests.
    • Company to Share Its Unique Perspective on the Transition to SDVs, Demonstrate How LG Software Solutions Address Key Challenges for Future Mobility SEOUL, May 17, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG), a mobility sector technology leader, will be sharing its latest insights and innovations at AutoTech: Detroit, taking place in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., from June 5-6. Organized by the Informa Tech Automotive Group, AutoTech: Detroit is one of the automotive industry’s premier events, typically drawing over 3,000 industry leaders and experts. This year’s show will explore the latest advancements in automotive technology, including the areas of software-defined vehicles (SDVs), connectivity, electrification and design. LG’s AutoTech: Detroit conference session, titled BEYOND THE ROAD: NAVIGATING THE SDV TRANSITION, will focus on the present and future of SDVs. The session will explore three pivotal challenges facing the industry: the technical complexities of developing a unified vehicle operating system, how to transform user experiences through the realization of a “Living Space on Wheels,” and the need to adapt current business models for sustained innovation and value creation. The company’s presentation will seek to highlight the critical role of LG AlphaWare in the evolution of the SDV. A comprehensive suite of software solutions, LG AlphaWare empowers mobility providers to collaborate and innovate, supporting them to overcome diverse technical challenges while bringing home-like comfort and connectivity to the in-vehicle environment. LG’s session is scheduled to take place at 12:15-12:40 (EST) on June 5 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. For more information about LG’s session at AutoTech: Detroit 2024, visit link hidden, please login to view. # # #
    • Hi, I  have a few months with an LG OLED C3  and tis week started to turn on different. I'm aware that the Web OS logo appear when the TV install an update but that logo has a power outlet underneath and everytime I turn on the TV it's just the Web OS logo and my homepage takes like two seconds to load the order of my apps. Is this normal? English is not my first language so sorry if it's hard to understand. 20240516_183105.mp4
    • @Buymode It started working again, but has now gone back to timing out.  My troubleshooting steps consist of shrugging and switching to broadcast 233. Do you have any other suggestions?
    • With an unwavering policy of open innovation with startups around the world, LG has been fostering businesses outside its own to better prepare for the future. These big-picture efforts are centered on LG NOVA, the company’s North American Innovation Center in California’s Silicon Valley – known worldwide as the hub of startups. Established in 2021, LG NOVA aspires to form a collaborative ecosystem that accelerates the growth of new ideas by working closely with startups on new businesses that can enhance LG’s future readiness. LG NOVA aligns with LG CEO William Cho’s growth strategy of 3B – Build, Buy and Borrow – to strengthen the company’s future growth engine by embracing talent and technology through exchanges with various innovative companies. Let’s look at how this essential innovation center works with its partners to bring about groundbreaking advancements. Furthermore, we’ll explore how it is establishing a community dedicated to creating and nuturing businesses that contribute positively to the future of our world. Discovering Global Startups to Break New Ground in Healthcare LG NOVA’s “Mission for the Future” program, now in its fourth year, is designed to discover and nurture innovative global startups seeking to improve people’s quality of life in a greener, smarter and more-connected future. In its first three years, LG NOVA received over 4,000 submissions from innovative global startups, with more than 100 companies selected to explore joint business opportunities with LG. This year is an especially important one, as this month, LG NOVA unveiled its first new venture, “Primefocus Health,” with Darren Sabo, previously head of commercialization of new health ventures at LG NOVA, at the helm as the CEO. Sabo has a wealth of experience in new business development, making him the perfect candidate to take this digital health venture forward. (From left to right) Darren Sabo, CEO of Primefocus Health, and Sokwoo Rhee, Head of LG NOVA and SVP of Innovation for LG Electronics Primefocus Health is committed to easing the journey from hospital to home for patients. It leverages cutting-edge technologies and novel healthcare treatments through a platform designed to offer patients access to a personalized care plan. This plan, curated by their healthcare provider, aids in the recovery from chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. This healthcare platform also offers providers access to patient data and information, enabling them to assist, guide, communicate and intervene as necessary during the patient’s home recovery. The platform aims to facilitate remote patient monitoring, providing real-time biometric information that can be integrated into the provider’s electronic health record systems. LG NOVA is collaborating with more healthcare startups through the Mission for the Future program, including link hidden, please login to view, which integrates immersive VR/AR technology to provide comprehensive therapeutic care for remote medical treatment, and , a sensor-based technology platform that utilizes the cameras in personal devices to virtually capture health readings to enhance diagnosis and treatment effectiveness. Another example that demonstrates LG NOVA’s focus on digital health is , a virtual care platform to treat polychronic mental and physical illness that was selected during the 2021 Mission for the Future challenge. This solution leverages AI to harness clinical, genetic, gut microbiome, food and behavioral signals to target the root cause of illness. LG NOVA plans to continuously launch new businesses through ventures in LG’s future growth areas including digital health, clean tech and AI. Promoting Symbiotic Growth in West Virginia This year, LG NOVA is joining hands with West Virginia to revitalize the local economy by fostering future businesses while bringing instances of win-win cooperations to this U.S. state and the dynamic Appalachian region. The announcement introduced the NOVA West Virginia Investment Fund, which aims to drive USD 700 million into the region over five years through investment. The decision to invest in West Virginia, which is over 2,000 miles away from LG NOVA in Silicon Valley, stems from the REINVENT LG initiative. Under the leadership of CEO Cho, LG has been carrying out various initiatives to redefine everything from its business structure and brand to the way it works. What makes West Virginia the perfect partner is its similar desire to reinvent itself to revitalize the local economy. Primefocus Health also plans to work closely in the Mountain State. Increasing Funds to Foster Potential Startups LG NOVA is also significantly expanding the scale of its investment and speeding up its investments for the future. In 2023, it signed an agreement with Clearbrook, a global venture investment company, to expand the global startup development fund – NOVA Prime Fund. Through collaborating with external experts to identify the latest technology trends, discover more innovative companies and offer comprehensive support, the company hopes to accelerate the growth of startups and discover opportunities for collaborations across various business areas. A Talent Acquisition Outpost that Competes with Big Tech LG NOVA also serves as an outpost to secure the best talent in Silicon Valley, an area dominated by big tech companies. By accurately reading future industrial trends and executing effectively, LG NOVA will be able to move one step ahead of the competition. At the same time, their challenging and brave attitude toward innovation will give a boost to the overall organizational culture. Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, head of LG NOVA, is the perfect example of this. After founding an IoT startup, Rhee went on to serve in the U.S. government, as assistant director for Cyber-Physical Systems at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House. (From left to right) Joshua Di Frances, the leader of LG NOVA’s incubation office, and Darren Sabo, CEO of Primefocus Health Joshua Di Frances, the leader of LG NOVA’s incubation office, is another key executive with experience across various areas including medicine, business and the public sector. Di Frances studied neuroscience at Boston University, an MBA from MIT and built an impressive career at CVS Health and the White House. Since joining LG NOVA in 2021, he is working to build new businesses in digital health, cleantech and immersive/AI future technology with his team of entrepreneurs-in-residence. And, with the recent global boom in startups among AI engineering students, LG NOVA has been hosting the ‘Innovation Festival’ every fall to provide a space where innovative companies and investors can exchange information and expand. LG NOVA will continue to seek out innovation from outside LG. To learn more about LG NOVA and its efforts to build, nurture and grow future-defining innovations, visit . # # #
    • What troubleshooting steps have you taken if your Sky News app stopped working after a webOS update on your C2?
    • To enable Alexa to turn on your LG TV even when it's off, you can follow these steps: Check Compatibility: Ensure that your LG TV model supports the "Power on via Wi-Fi" feature. This feature allows the TV to receive commands from Alexa even when it's in standby mode. Update Firmware: Make sure your LG TV's firmware is up to date. Sometimes, firmware updates include new features or bug fixes that might improve compatibility with Alexa. Enable Wake-on-LAN (WoL): Wake-on-LAN allows devices to be woken up from standby mode using a network message. Check your LG TV's settings menu for an option to enable WoL. This might be labeled as "Network Wakeup" or something similar. Configure Router Settings: Ensure that your router settings allow for WoL packets to be sent to your TV. This might involve enabling a setting like "Wake-on-LAN" or "Magic Packet" in your router's configuration interface. Enable Remote Access: Some LG TVs require you to enable remote access for them to respond to commands when they're off. Check your TV's settings for an option like "Mobile TV On" or "Remote Access" and make sure it's turned on. Set up Device Discovery: Make sure your LG TV is properly set up within the Alexa app. Go to the Alexa app, navigate to Devices, and select your TV. Ensure that it's discovered and linked properly. Power Saving Settings: Check your LG TV's power-saving settings. Sometimes, overly aggressive power-saving settings can prevent the TV from responding to network commands when it's off. Adjust these settings if necessary. Reboot Devices: Sometimes, a simple reboot of your router, TV, and Alexa device can resolve connectivity issues. Try unplugging them for a few minutes, then plugging them back in and testing again. By following these steps, you should be able to configure your LG TV to respond to Alexa commands even when it's off. If you're still experiencing issues, you may need to consult the user manual for your specific TV model or reach out to LG or Amazon customer support for further assistance.
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