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Upcoming and Rumored webOS Products

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Discussions about upcoming and rumored webOS products, devices, apps, partnerships and the future LG webOS ecosystem.

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    • @td47  Thank you, I will try contacting LG directly. If I solve the issue I will post the solution here, it may be useful for other users.
    • I have recently purchased a LG 55NANO86 TV.  Great TV which I am still getting used to!  I have a question about compatibility of the LG built in web browser functionality with the iFollow football streaming service, used in the UK (and elsewhere).  This is a paid for service which allows streamling of live football games.  I have tried several times unsucessfully to use the built in LG browser on the TV to access and watch a game.  Whilst it successfully shows the iFollow website and allows purchase of the stream, unfortunately the link to the live stream which should pop up a window with the stream, fails to load properly and leaves either a blank screen or a screen with the stop icon displayed.  Does anyone know if this is a known incompatibility issue or am I doing something wrong?  I have used the same iFollow website to view historical match highlights and this works without problem. [Fortunately I can stream the iFollow stream to my iPad and then use an AV adaptor to mirror it to the TV so I can still get the match to the TV, but I would prefer to do his without the hassle of connecting the iPad.] Any suggestions/advice welcome. Malcolm
    • Thanks for that info. I'm not really fussed about the sound bar powering down when inactive TBH. In fact it makes good sense. The power down during active use is a pain though, but as the Atmos signal can still be passed (via HDMI ARC ) even when not activated in the settings resolves it for me.
    • Hi guys, I bought a K600 logitech keyboard knowing it is supported in Web OS 3.5 and higher.  It works on Netflix and web browser but not in Youtube app. I am really frustrated, being able to search in youtube from my keyboard was my main goal with this purchase.   Regards
    • I bought K600 LG keyboard and it doesn't work in youtube.
    • The issue is unthinkable... Same issue here. Why would I buy a tv keyboard if it doesn't work on YouTube in 2020?
    • @Leonard King Hi, I just happended to re-visit this interesting post of yours back from August. It seems that the Samsung sound-bar power-down during idle/no-signal can be set to OFF mode. However, I am unsure if the problem as you described it, is that since the FW upgrade, even with an active sound signal, and eARC active, the Samsung Sound bar was STILL powering down unexpectedly when before it was not?  Anyway, here is the link to do that, and you could then enable eARC again, to get back the CEC power-control functionality etc. : link hidden, please login to view

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