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Upcoming and Rumored webOS Products

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Discussions about upcoming and rumored webOS products, devices, apps, partnerships and the future LG webOS ecosystem.

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    • I am not able to find this app or any Indian specific apps like Hota tar, Jio Movies etc. in the LG Content Store. Do I need to upgrade my WebOS to get them?
    • Steam link is made for Linux too, but it is in Beta. I belive when it become official, maybe...  
    • I think this couldn't possible cause on the Philips TVs don't use a software to do this feature, but only WiFi enlaced with the HUE bridge and iOS App. And it's only works in selecteds Philips Ambilight TV models. I have an Philips Ambilght 42 5000 series and works fine with HUE bridge from first and second generation, and would be very good working with my LG Oled 55B7P too. But, how I told before, I believe it's not possible. I hope my information can will be usefull. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
    • http://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=ru&to=en&dl=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwebos-forums.ru%2Ftopic3157.html  - in english http://webos-forums.ru/topic3157.html - if you know Russian language. or http://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=&to=en&dl=en&rr=HE&a=http%3a%2f%2fwebos-forums.ru%2fforum60.html - in english http://webos-forums.ru/post81596.html#p81596 - if you know Russian language.
    • @George Hofmeister is [email protected] Wa I changed your topic title. You posted 4 of the same topic in 4 separate forums. There is no need for that. I’m leaving 2 of the 4 up for you, one of which is this one.
    • I have a 32” LG tv (32lk610BBUA) smart TV.  I also have a Tablo OTA DVR.  According to Tablo there is a Tablo app on LG TVs with webos 2.0+.  My tv has firmware version. 4.x on it.  When I search the LG app library there is no Tablo app listed.  It’s a 720 hdmi tv.  Is it possible that the tv doesn’t support the Tablo app, or is there something I’m missing?  Thanks.
    • Or LG could just ignore this feature and wonder why their sales drop when competition releases this feature. That is not a very easy to implement feature and the first non-Phillips TV producer that does that will have a clear marketing advantage. 

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