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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • My Lg Web Os tv doesnt have an option for a bluetooth speaker. Is There a way I can get an option for it?
    • Having the same issue with my OLED77A1PUA, did you ever figure this out?   
    • Hi Alley Cat, I just purchased a new G! model and have the same issue as you. I don't use a streaming box (ROKU, etc.), but instead have ethernet going from my router straight into the TV. Then it's optic out for audio going to my home theater amp for sound. Every time I turn on the TV, it starts with one of the LG channels. I have to press the Home button to change to the Web OS screen. Is there a way to have Web OS startup initially, rather than any other source?
    • I want to know the Korean code If you know, please help me.
    • I have seen countless "solutions" which do not work.  Finally concluded that the TV's wifi module was overheating after 20-25 minutes.  Set up a fan to blow a light breeze across the back and have had no disconnects since then.  My TV has no provision at all for ventilation.
    • Looks like webos and zee5 incompatibility issues burning primium customers. Now i have no choice to see movie on big screen.
    • Hi Peter, that’s interesting that connecting via your phone didn’t help - it really points to the tv version of the app itself being the problem. I sent iView support the whole saga via email and they said they’ve passed it on to their product team, and got the feeling that was my reply, that they weren’t intending to contact me again about this.  My email did generate a ticket number on their system - so I’m happy to generate another one every week or so until it’s fixed.  Don’t know if they’re already being swamped, I figure the more people with LG tvs ruling out the LG side as being the cause the quicker we might get there! I don’t really need another excuse to buy an Apple TV box, resisted well up to now and it’s going to be more tempting if this drags on!  Great to know that it works though, thanks for the info.
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