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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

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LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • I was hoping to stream Amazon Music too. I can do it with Fire Stick
    • Hi. I want to add my two cents here. Why not making terrestrial and satellite available as 2 separate inputs as for hdmi1, hdmi2, etc... I actually have 2 separate cables for terrestrial and satellite, so it makes sense. It seems easy to do. 9f course satellite entry would only show up if satellite channels exists. Same for cable.
    • Any online music app (e.g Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Saavn)???
    • Hello .. i just want 2 know if there are any posibility to change the backgroung of the LG OLED55C7V 55"A ?? 
    • @George Hofmeister : I agree, however that is why I stated have it be an app, that way they can pass that expense back to the individual, you want chromacast, ok, that will be $4.99, thank you come again!
    • I imagine that it is a licensing cost that LG do not want to add on to the cost of their sets, as well as having to re-write the code to work with webOS.  Currently it appears that those manufacturers that do offer Chromecast capability are those that either do not have their own smart platform, or are licensing Android TV: https://www.google.com/chromecast/built-in/tv/  
    • I agree, I just spent an ungodly amount of money on this TV, only to find out it does not support chromecast, and does not work with google home. Where as all the ingredients are there, you should be able to apply an update, or provide it as an app pretty dang easily. Come on LG, that is the only negative thing I can say about the TV, and it should be easy enough to implement. For those of you who are impatient like me there is a work around. Purchase the Harmony companion /home control remote. you can set it up to work on the LG TV fairly easy, and then get google home to sync with it. it's a bit of a process, and you'll want to set up many routines to simplify the commands, but it is doable, and functional. You can also set the tv up as a wireless monitor, but the lag creates a horrible audio sync issue that makes it impractical for watching media that way. and you can also purchase a chromecast, but once again where all the ingredients are already there, that seems like a waste of a perfectly good hdmi port, and an unnecessary expense.  I paid enough for the TV, you should throw that in, and the sooner the better please.
    • A much covered subject on this forum: https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=user agreements