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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

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LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • Hi guys First of all, I want to warn you that perhaps they read a lousy English, this is what came out of the Google XD translator, I do not speak English, but I hope they can understand me and give me their help. I have a LG 42LB6500-UM TV that apparently has a problem with the Firmware, since I bought it I had automatic updates configured, so it was updated several times until arriving at the mysterious Firmware 05.00.15. Why mysterious? Because according to the support page of LG this software is not in the compatible history with the model of my TV. Here the problem began.
      Since then I can not update the Firmware in any way, online it marks me an error "error in the decryption of the data ...", and when I try it for usb simply nothing happens. I'm stuck in version 05.00.15, but that's not the biggest problem. From that moment I can not access the content that HDCP requires, that is, netflix, cinepolis Klic, Prime Video, etc. Yes, it allows me to play YouTube. If I turn on the HDCP in the configuration of my PS4, the screen turns blue. An error in HDCP appears in the InStart menu. Can you think of an idea to solve this problem? Is it possible to delete the firmware and install a new one in a different way to the traditional one (online and usb)? I am 3 years old with this problem, and the LG technical support staff has only told me that I should change the Mainboard, that is very expensive, and the Mainboard of my TV is in excellent condition, it is a software problem. LG 42LB6500
      Firmware: 05.00.15
      Serial number: 406RMEN7R340
      WebOs TV version: 1.4.0-2507 (afro-ashley) regards
    • You would be better off asking where Steam Link for webOS is on the Steam forum as they are the ones who produce the software.  If they can make it for multiple platform including competitors' TVs then they should be capable of porting it to webOS. https://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/discussions/0/1692669912400498996/  
    • Yes. I can remotely downgrade any Tv to any firmware. I doubt though that your problem is related to the new firmware because nothing has changed in that department. Drop me a PM if you still need the downgrade.
    • I can logon to my RG, (remote gateway), and check the status of the wired  and wireless connections which show active or inactive for these ports.  Have you tried to determine the status of your wired connection during a failure?  I have the new FW installed and do NOT have the problem you describe.  This may be a problem with your RG.
    • Hi everybody. I have an issue with my 49UJ634V: Since the 5.80.10 firmware update, almost every time I switch on the TV, the wired network doesn't work. It appears as disconnected in the menu, and the only way I can get it working again is by pulling the plug and switching it completely off than on again. It worked perfectly with 4.70.xx, so I'd like to get back and downgrade. Can anybody help?
      Thanks in advance.
    • Ease of power cords and cleanliness of wires. The USB ports are right there and unless I were to attach a thumb drive, I am not sure what purpose they serve besides offering power.
    • Why don't you use an external power adaptet? For example, the one that comes with Chromecast.
    • Yes, please! ffs LG Content Store feels so empy!