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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • I have same model number web os TV almost same problems,LG not giving the support of Disney hotstar, Airtel Xtreme app,sun Nxt app, in there LG web store,there is some apps LG web store but 75% no use applications
    • To get the Amazon Music stream on other devices, you can use the link hidden, please login to view to help you. It is a tool that can help you convert and download Amazon Music with ease. It can save Amazon Music to MP3, etc. with lossless quality. And you can move the Amazon Music to other devices for using offline without any limit.
    • Hi, does anybody have a suggestion on what adapter might work with a UN73? (i'd imagine this will be the same for UN7300/UM7300/UN7000 series/UM7000 series) thus far, i know the following adapter DOES NOT WORK: link hidden, please login to view Thanks   [Edit/]  I just ordered the recommended Cable Matters adapter, i'll report back results.
    • Yes , it was working yesterday and the day before but today I got the error again , also when I tried  to use YouTube it’s working in the search menu but couldn’t play the video I got ( something went wrong) 
    • Yes , it was working yesterday and the day before but today I got the error again , also when I tried  to use YouTube it’s working in the search menu but couldn’t play the video I got ( something went wrong) 
    • My TV have always newest firmware. Currently version 05.00.10 (auto-update) Unfortunately, there is no indication when the update was made. Synology NAS have newest updates, Fritzbox 7590 media server have newest update, Windows 10 DLNA server is up-to-date. I have this tv nearly 8 months and DLNA always working without any issues. I have since few days this same issue with all 3 independent DLNA servers. So must be a problem with LG TV ( webOS). And browsing in music its working, only the second option to browse image+video failes with black screen.
    • @Kuriko Have you checked that you have the latest firmware on you LG TV, and all your DLNA devices have the latest software or firmware on them too? It is unclear from your post, if the "image and video" option has always failed, or only started failing recently. Please clarify, and also if it failed after a TV firmware update.

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