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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • When will we get the Airtel Xtreme App in LG OS ?  
    • After years of tolerating this frustrating annoyance relating to this chronic LAN disconnect issue, I may have just discovered, if only by chance, the solution to this issue. For a brief timespan, my set stopped detecting any other wireless connections (i.e. other neighbors.)  Because I had chosen to finally just get a new set, I had moved to problematic one to a different room.  In that new location, the problem has since RESOLVED 100%!  Now it detects every neighbors signal in my apartment building, but it instantly connects wirelessly and the the signal no longer EVER drops.  So perhaps, device location in one's living quarters may be direct impacting the modem's signal.  All I know, is that the problem NO LONGER EXISTS!  That's the rap.  I hope this almost 'serendipitous' action works to everyone else's benefit.
    • I just disconnected the Ethernet cable to my TV and it stopped. I have a Fire cube so I don’t need a smart TV. I agree though, never buying an LG again. 
    • Could you suggest me a mobile application or website where I can watch ranboo streaming with high resolution and without ads?
    • I have the same problem had it for years now coming up 4 I assumed for years it was my intention provider but nothing ive done has resolved it wont be buying another LG as ive always bought sumsung with no issues.
    • Designed for Diverse Environments, New LG ProBeam Can Produce Massive 300-Inch Images Boasting 4K Resolution and a Peak Brightness of 7,000 ANSI Lumens SEOUL, March 29, 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) announces the launch of its first digital signage projector, the LG ProBeam 4K UHD (model BU70QGA). Suitable for various environments, including art galleries, exhibition spaces, corporate lobbies, retail stores, showrooms, conference halls and auditoriums, the new 4K digital signage projector provides sharp, impressively large images and has a peak brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens – the highest of any LG projector to date. LG ProBeam produces 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution pictures with a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio at sizes ranging from 40 inches all the way up to 300 inches. Its 7,000 ANSI lumens peak brightness enables the BU70QGA to deliver clear images, even in bright daylight. Additionally, the projector features a reliable laser light source, lens shift, 1.6x optical zoom, built-in wireless connectivity and an integrated camera that aids in setup and positioning. Edge blending technology enables the seamless connection of overlapping light from two or more projectors through luminance adjustment and color correction. Thanks to this advanced tech, up to nine BU70QGA can be used together to create truly panoramic images and an immersive viewing experience. Museums and art galleries, in particular, will find value in the projectors’ ability to provide large, eye-catching images. Convenient and versatile, the LG ProBeam is a professional-quality video system suitable for various business environments. Using the BU70QGA’s Auto Screen Adjustment1 feature, users can quickly calibrate the image to the projection screen and correct image distortion with just one click of a button on the included remote controller. When the projection angle does not align with the screen, LG’s AI sensing technology evaluates lens shift, zoom, focus as well as warp distortion and automatically adjusts the projected image for an optimized viewing experience. Leveraging a high performance SoC (System-on-Chip), the projector can execute several tasks at once, provide smooth content playback and optimize user convenience with an intuitive UI and simple app development tools. The BU70QGA can also connect with LG ConnectedCare; LG’s cloud-based device management solution for LG digital signage and display devices.2 Equipped with webOS 6.0, the new ProBeam allows third-party providers to add projection capabilities to their offering, expanding the diversity and value of LG’s extensive signage ecosystem. “Our first 4K digital signage projector to feature the LG webOS 6.0 platform, the new LG ProBeam is a powerful and flexible display solution,” said Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “Designed for the commercial sector, LG’s ProBeam projector lineups offer diverse, customized options that can help customers create professional-grade AV systems tailored to their specific needs.” LG ProBeam model BU70QGA will launch globally this month, starting in the U.S. For more information, visit link hidden, please login to view. Key Specifications:   LG ProBeam (BU70QGA) Projection System DLP Resolution 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) HDR HDR 10 Light Source Laser (LD + P/W) Light Source Life Time (High Brightness) 20,000 hours Brightness 7,000 ANSI lumens Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1 Noise (Energy Saving Med. Typ.) 33 dB Projection Lens Lens Shift Horizontal ± 28%, Vertical +60%/ -33% Zoom x 1.6 (auto) Screen Size 40-300 inches Throw Ratio 1.53 – 2.45 Speaker Output 10W (5W + 5W) Net Size (W x D x H) 570 x 360 x 159 mm (22.4 x 14.2 x 6.3 inches) (Excluding Legs) Weight 17.8 kg (39.2 lbs) Keystone 4/9/15/25 Point Warping Auto Screen Adjustment Yes Wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Platform webOS 6.0 Signage Management LG SuperSign CMS  # # # 1 Auto screen adjustment feature may have limitations if the ambient light is too dim or if the edges of the screen are not clearly recognized. 2 Subscription required for LG ConnectedCare.
    • I found it! [email protected]:~# luna-send -i -f 'luna://com.webos.service.pqcontroller/getEyeqSensorData' '{"subscribe" : true}' { "backlightValue": 100, "Eyeqsensorcheck": true, "returnValue": true } { "sensorDataCount": 2, "backlightValue": 49, "sensorData": { "luminance": 27, "visibleLuminance": 25 }, "returnValue": true, "Eyeqsensorcheck": true }
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