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Yes, I can confirm this, however I am not sure it is a WebOS issue.

It started this first by asking me to sign in every time I launched it, instead of asking me to select a user profile. I had to exit the app completely and when I next launched it, I was asked to select a user profile.

Then yesterday it started showing the splash screen and just sitting there indefinitely. It became a case of launching another app like iView, closing it and then Kayo seemed to be OK until the nest launch.

I say not necessarily a WebOS issue because I also have an Android TV Box, and Kayo started doing the same thing using it.

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Yes, this is what happens.

You have to pick the Exit option. This lets you exit the app, then relaunch the app on the TV and it should let you back in and ask you to select the profile you want to use without having to login with user id and password.

By the way, this is also likely to happen if you are running the Android app.

Maybe Kayo is playing around with their system. It is annoying.

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