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LG Content Store "TEMPORARY PROBLEM". Service has timed out.



Seeing this error when accessing the content store.

Long story short, I'm able to watch netflix and various other streaming services but Disney+ went "weird" recently and would allow me to navigate to various shows but then always encounters a "problem".  I noticed Disney+ has a new app update on various Android devices I own so I figured it might need an update on my LG OLED 55E6V  too.  But the content store has been temporarily unavailable for 24 hours now.

It's the first time I'm seeing this - anyone else? 

I updated my email-based LG account and consented to some new terms and conditions in the hope it would make a difference but now I feel like I was mugged into that, all for nothing.  Meantime... no Disney+ and no way to check my LG WebOS apps are up to date (strongly suspect there might be a new Disney+ app).  The "Account Management" option on my TV results in a black screen and this just feels like things are unravelling.

I have firmware 05.60.15 and no updates are available. 

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Problem solved via support.  The solution was to play something (a Netflix title in my case) and unplug the mains while playing.  This allegedly cleared the "cache".  Et voila: the LG Content Store was working again, app updates were available and Disney+ also started working again (not sure if this was cache related or the app update). 

Ofc I had power-cycled many times beforehand but it was important to be playing something while powering down, apparently.

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