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ARC+Headphones or Optical+Headphones sound options


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Hello all,


I would like to suggest adding ARC+Headphones or Optical+Headphones sound options as while watching a movie TOGETHER some people prefer to use headphones due to hearing issues whereas others prefer to enjoy surround sound coming from the receiver. I've resolved it around by adding an expensive DAC that splits optical Dolby 5.1 to my Yamaha receiver through optical and 2CH stereo to headphones through 3.5mm, but it would be so much easier if it was supported out of the box.

I hope LG people read this.



PS: DAC model is CYP DCT-9DN for those interested. Pic attached.


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I signed up just to support this request.

I also would like to have the option to simultaneously output audio to the headphone port and via optical.

My TV is an OLED48CX9LB

I have analog stereo speakers connected to my TV via the analog headphone port and also have a connection to surround speakers via optical audio.
But I can not output audio to both at the same time, which my (very) old Samsung TV had an option for. (headphone + optical)
Right now I have to choose between "headphone (analog stereo speakers) + internal speakers" and "optical (surround) + internal speakers"

It would be very nice to have additional options like "headphone + optical" or even "headphone + optical + internal speakers".

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