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@catraveler I doubt that LG will provide a fully fledged browser with a password manager, like the excellent Firefox has. And you can forget about "trying to add one" - smart TV's are very locked down, and NOTHING like PC's are, since APP's have to be tested by LG to be proven to be suitable with the specific TV model capabilities (fixed by the hardware chip-sets) and fixed memory boundaries, API calls to the WebOS etc.

So, if it is NOT in the LG STORE in your country, for your TV, then you cannot add anything else outside of that "walled garden". 

You might want to wait for the LG G1: "That may be worth it for the sequel to last year’s

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, although you’ll have to be okay with the fact that this [the C1] is no longer being touted as LG’s hands-down best for 2021. The new LG G1 series – with its luminance-enhanced OLED evo display technology – is out to claim the crown.

Either way, it will be best to check with your local country LG Support for availability, or one of your local TV dealers, they might know.

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