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Oled65C9PUA drops the WiFi every night.


Every morning I have to enter settings/connection/WiFi connection and see that there is no check mark next to my WiFi name. It will reconnect when I click on it, and every once in a while it won’t connect until I enter WiFi password. I’ve talked for hours with multiple LG ‘techs’ halfway around the world only to find they are clueless. All settings have been triple checked. In the year I’ve had this not-too-smart tv none of my devices like tablets, phones, printers, desktops, or even Amazon fire stick have disconnected from WiFi even once! LG IS CLUELESS! Any body experience the same issue?

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@Lgoled65pau  Does this TV have any kind of "save" button on that WiFi setup? Some UI (User Interfaces) do have that. The other thing to consider, is if there are any "power saving" functions on that TV, for specific parts of it (like there is on PC/Laptops to allow a software controlled "sleep" of parts of it, like the WiFi internal adaptor)? If you have eliminated that,  you might want to check the WiFi signal quality in the room where our TV is, see below. Another thing often overlooked, is power control in the ROUTER itself, mine had some power saving controls set to default (sleep on low activity overnight), so set all those to full power or not active (i.e. running at 100% all of the time), if you can log into it.  If the router is close to the TV, try a LAN cable if possible.

So, as this TV has the ability to use either a LAN cable, or WiFi on either a 2.4G (802.11n) or the 5G band (802.11ac spec), do you know WHICH band you connect to, if you are using WiFi rather than the LAN cable? The reason I ask, is that most non-tech users do NOT realize that the 5G WiFi band signal strength drops off rapidly the further you are away from the Router. Larger houses are much worse of course. If you have a smart phone, you can walk around your house, watching the WiFi signal strength Icon at the top, and see how many radial bars you get on that icon when in the place where the TV is. So, if you phone can connect to the 5G WiFi band, check that signal state near the TV. If it is a low number of "bars" (NOT the Phone tower strength icon, the WiFi Icon bars), then you have most likely found your issue. (BUT it should be clever enough to reconnect automatically, UNLESS the signal is very erratic, and not good enough most times).

In the same place where the TV is, you should then check the 2.4G band, by connecting the phone to that band, and checking the signal strength bars.  If that is much better (as I suspect it might be), then try one of the possible workarounds below.

There are a few ways you can remedy this issue. The first way will not involve any cost: you can try to change the WiFi network connection for the TV, so that it connects to the  2.4G band instead (hopefully you have different SSID names for each one so it is easy to see/check), and recheck how things are.  Hopefully that wil be more stable (but will only run at 150Mbps - 300Mbps, but still faster the 100MB LAN speed).

If the WiFi is STILL too weak on both bands where the TV is, you might have to invest in either a PLA (Power Line Adaptor) to get the Ethernet signals to the TV easily via the mains plug wiring (they use HomePlug AV2 technology) . You have one by the router, and the other plug device by your TV, so it uses 2 short LAN cables, one to each adaptor plug device.  The other alternative is to use a WiFi repeater or extender, that extends your WiFi coverage to the parts of the house where it is weaker.  I hope this is useful.

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@Lgoled65pau  One more thing to check, I only learned of this the other day:

 I just noticed on another forum, that certain LG models might have difficulty saving WiFi network SSID names longer than 8 characters!! Odd I know, but if yours is a bit longer, try logging into your router and changing your network SSID names, ( and remove any special or odd characters in the names, on both the 2.4G and 5G bands) to shorter names of 8 or fewer characters, and reconnecting. A pain I know, as other devices will have to reconnect to find the new names.

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@Dave Barry It is Unlikely that ANY provider/site would renew a certificate daily. It costs money. When you say you have seen "it" reboot during the night, what are you referring to - Your Router, the TV itself, or the WiFi part of it. Many LG TV's use a common WiFi/BT (BlueTooth) module that supports both WiFi network, and the Magic Remotes that have half the buttons use BT and others InfraRed LED tramsmitter.  It is a bit of a sensitive and unreliable module, and can be affected by Storm Damage and static. I even have my TV connected via one of those "spike protector" sockets, but mine still went pop for the BT side during a recent minor storm, so I cannot select my apps (but I use a Foxtel STB - so don't lose out too much while waiting for my spare).

Just to make sure, check on any Power Saving settings - if they are present, set to off, or max power, as the equivalent things on a Laptop can "shutown" or "sleep" network cards and WiFi dongles when inactive, to save on power.

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The "it" I was referring to was the network gateway.  Doesn't the provider check every night if you are still a customer  or have changed your subscription  options and then reboot the gateway if necessary.?  No direct knowledge  of this but observation seems to support.  I defer to those more knowledgeable.

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Dave thanks for your input. I called LG and demanded a service call from a local TV service provider as my 1 year warranty was to expire 2 weeks from my demand. The service tech asked me about issue when I called to schedule appointment and he said when he comes out he will change out both the motherboard and the WiFi board. Took about 30 minutes the day he came and it has worked flawlessly since then. Demand attention and you’ll get it when dealing with these big companies.

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@Dave Barry Just curious what the make and model of your "Network Gateway" is? Have you checked the power settings on THAT - again because many home devices (routers etc) also have power settings that can "sleep" devices when there is no activity. I have them all set "OFF"/Disabled on my Billion Router (as there is no such thing as "perfect software/firmware", and some devices cannot resume the internal services - like WiFi or VOIP routines properly from sleep).  It is possibly just "waking from sleep" rather than a full reboot? How do you "know" it is actually doing a reboot?

The TV will NOT be making the Gateway sleep, it will most likely be it is dropping to a low-power state (sleep mode) when there is no activity, because of  those default settings, that many folks do not change unless they fully read the manual or specs.

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