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Why you remove spotify from LG Store

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1 minute ago, Gustavo Muccillo said:

The same problem here. And LG support just tells to buy a Chromecast.

Message from the support:



Hello Gustavo, good morning!

First of all I would like to thank you for contacting us.

In view of your e-mail, I inform you that the television platform has its own characteristics and in each of them there are applications available, pre-defined and others that can be installed, as long as they are available in the store, the application in question at the moment is not available for your TV platform, however it is possible that through a software update it will become compatible, we do not have the information that this application will enter as a partner, but as stated in the terms of use, applications can leave and / or enter the platform without notice.

In this way, I advise you to perform the TV software update periodically, according to the link below, in order to check the availability of the desired application:

link hidden, please login to view

I take this opportunity to wish you a great day!

For further questions I am available!




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On 5/14/2020 at 4:17 PM, Mikssa said:

My trouble is about how to play

link hidden, please login to view
. Before that, we may have to use a tool named to download and convert Spotify to MP3, AAC and multiple compatible formats at first. After conversion, you can play Spotify music on any devices freely. 

Hi, to play Spotify music on Apple Watch, here is another tool that you shouldn't miss. It is the from . It can easily help you get Spotify music as local files and allows you to put Spotify music on Apple Watch for lsitening with high quality.

Besides, there is a Xmas party at DRmare that you could join. In it, you can get a free giveaway and enjoy big deal for all products. Just check from  and learn more.

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It could be there are something happend, which leads that Spotify has been removed from the LG Store. But please don't worry about it. You can still listen to Spotify music and playlists on LG smart TV and other devices with the help of an extraordinary

link hidden, please login to view
, which not only a music converter but also a music downloader for Spotify. 

It helps users download and convert Spotify songs as local MP3 and other LG smart TV supported files for free. So you can still use this way to achieve your goal. For the detailed tutorial, please visit: . 

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If you can use the Spotify web player, how about just download and play Spotify on LG Smart TV. What I use is the AudFun Spotify Music Converter that will convert the music from Spotify to the format that is supported by LG TV.  You then just need to import those Spotify songs to LG TV and you can listen to them without the Internet and app.

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