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LG TV 65UB980T-TA Content Store won't load



Hi all,

I have an LG TV 65UB980T-TA, it was working great up until 2 weeks ago, the Content Store stopped working.

I don't get any error messages. The Content  Store splash screen  flashes 3 - 4 times trying yo start, then it goes back to Live TV. I can't start or update Apps that require updating. I went in to TV settings to check the Account Information, it does the same thing, it shows a dark gray screen about 3 times and goes back to Live TV, no error messages at all. I have tried wired and Wi-Fi, with different internet connections without any luck.

The app that don't need to update are still working fine.

Any idea what could cause this? is the Content Store down in Australia?

Many thanks.

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On 15/04/2018 at 8:47 AM, Cody Mireles said:




Please note, it turned out the instop reset was a temporary fix. I was able to go to the app store successfully and update the apps, but after a while the problem came back.

Anyway, instop reset can be done via the secret service menu.

I was able to access that using my phone as it has an infrared blaster. So I downloaded this app

link hidden, please login to view

And it can give you access to the menu easily.

I hope this helps.


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