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Remove apps from launcher?



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How do I remove unwanted apps from the launcher? I have things showing up there like The Wiggles and Facebook that I will never use, am I able to remove them so they dont appear?


Highlight the app icon then press the up arrow key on remote and the icon should pop up out of the list then press up again and a small cross should appear - select on the cross and enter the app will be gone. I am doing this from memory so might not be exact but you will get there from the description.

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Thanks for the replies. I have version 4.30.16

None of the above suggestions work for me, probably my lack of understanding of this new TV :-)

I assume I should be using the Magic remote?


If I hover over the app it pops up slightly. To drag I guess I press and hold the wheel? Nothing happens when I do this.


If I highlight the app and press the up arrow, selection of the app is lost and the pointer moves to the Inputs icon at the top of the screen.


I have ver 4 software, where should the option "x" to remove show up?


I appreciate all your help, would love to get this sorted out.

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