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  1. I have LG webOS TV UF950T, software version 04.06.00 1.) WebOS is getting updates but new apps are not showing up in LG Content store. When I visit https://in.lgappstv.com/main through my Tv browser there are many new Apps which are not in LG content store. When i try to install , it says not compatible with your Tv. 2) When i try to play a video some times it says video format not supported and some times audio format not supported like with opus & ogg. My question is to Manufacturers/ WebOs designers if this is the case what is the point in updatin
  2. Thank you, it worked this time But not sure it will work next time hahhhaa
  3. I am using lg webos tv 65UB950T. I am unable to connect my TV to my laptops , one on windows 7 and other on 8.1 Tv doesnot show up on search, if it does(sometimes) when connected only decline button is shown on TV screen(no accept button) When connecting through TV no message appears on Laptop for connection acceptance. I have no problem viewing my mobile contents. Any suggestions???????????/

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