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  1. Well I got 2 internet radios. A a Tuner which optically hooks up to my Sony AV Receiver and a smaller unit which uses RCA analog hookup to my Sony receiver in the bedroom and they are vTuner like even better and have search like vTuner and Pandora, iheartradio, NPR on-demand, BBC, ESPN, Live 365, Sirius, over 30,000 Podcast. Heck with LG. The tuner is both wired/wireless but the other Grace is wireless only but has a USB optional adapter for wired due here Tuesday. Good luck with you all.
  2. I emailed vTuner but they have not ever answered me yet, well see. I just did a survey at the LG website, I'm a waiting, lol.
  3. After putting in scores of new favorites on two machines no favorites, wiped out and no vTuner, how inept can one company be? LG takes the cake.
  4. Well I just went to try and listen to some vTuner German music on my LG Blu-Ray player (1 of 2) and here we go again. No vTuner, just back to the line at the top. Anybody know of an Internet Radio from Grace or elsewhere that I can get something comparible to vTuner? I've had it with LG. That was cruel to give it out temporarily and then take it back again. I'm so so disappointed.
  5. Just checked mine. It's working and I'm in the U.S. Thanks whoever. So happy, if it stays I take back all I said about LG. LOL
  6. LG and vTuner are not in the U.S. anymore. Not with their Blu-Rays, Smart TVs or anything else they produce. So you're being in the UK makes a difference. If I could initialize it to UK specs I'd try that. I have kept trying to bring vTuner up but still thin line towards the top. They repaired one machine for an app. Apps don't have parts, especially when every other app worked. What they repaired I don't know, they are still angry at me. The second unit wasn't repaired because they didn't have a 'part'. Part for what? An app. You get the idea.
  7. I know, I'm disgusted with both LG and vTuner. I'm not sure how to get it back. What I'm doing for now is using the vTuner web site to bluetooth to my music destination. But it's way too cumberson. What I can't understand is why I can get every station vTuner has on their website, but not on the products we bought just because it's in the U.S. I had heard of some changing their units to be non US. but can't figure out how that would be done. I don't have Deezer and I really don't like Pandora. It's ok but not what I would choose and I don't think the fidelity is all that great. Good luck. If you find an alternative, yell, please.
  8. I found out today that vTuner and LG have no more support in the U.S. for their blue-ray players or smart TVs. I had the horizontal problem talked to two different techs. They had me send both units, bought within weeks of each other having the exact same problem. The horizontal line and no vTuner. Everything else worked just fine on both machines. They had me send in the machines waited a month and finally got one back, repaired with a part. Well, it didn't need a part (the other one is still there waiting for a part). They had it down for failure to 'scan' even though there was no scan problem before or after on either. So I don't know what they were trying to fix because I told them specifically about two machines, identical with the identical vTuner problem. Parts? for what. Well they replaced a part and guess what I still have no vTuner. I called them and talked to them they went away a few times and finally came back and said the vTuner was no longer supported in the United States by LG. So what did they fix with the parts. Why did they try to hide the fact that vTuner didn't work when that was what was on the repair orders, both of them. So no vTuner and that's exactly why I bought the two 550's for, only for the vTuner. I went thru the same thing with Sony. Two Sony AV receivers at 399 a piece, 2 Sony blu-ray players 100 a piece and now 2 LG blu-ray players 90 a piece. Tha't is alot of money for paperweights. At least the Sony receiver is ok as far as AV goes, they replaced vTuner with I love tunes or something which I hate and LG has Pandora but they both stink compared to vTuner. I can get the vTuner webstation and search for stations manually then pipe it to my receiver via bluetooth but that's a hassle and cumbersome and you end up with no favorites. With vTuner I had probably 100 or more favorites. German, french, new age, country etc. Well I refuse, and told them so, to ever buy another Sony product or another LG product. They should have offered my money back at the least. My LG combination VHS/DVD recorder also doesn't burn DVD video anymore. I don't trust their product reliability anymore and am looking for a replacement for my LG Volt cell phone. Bad service will not get me to buy their product again.
  9. I have two BP550s and the same thing happened to both of them. I think it was after an update. The update couldn't seem to be stopped, even after initializing to factory specs. Was on the phone a long long time with LG and they seemed to be unaware of any LG or vTuner problem. They walked me through many steps, all of which I tried previously, with no positive results. They had me ship both of them to LG for repair - or whatever they figure out. Hopefully, if the update is the problem they can help me keep updates from happening. I really don't care about the updates as I got these 2 specifically for vTuner and I hope they can give vTuner back to me. I have already gone thru the garbage with Sony as I bought 2 receivers over 350 apiece for vTuner which went away. Then I got 2 Sony blu-ray players had vTuner which went away and now this with LG. Making me very frustrated. Well the 550's are in the mail and my fingers are crossed. Any recommendations on Internet Radios with as good a interface as vTuner. I really don't like Pandora and Iheartradio leaves much to be desired. Thank much Gene

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