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  1. Hi everyone... Finally, I'm in the same situation also. vTuner service Inside Canada stop working again. Like Bees told, it was a short-term Christmas present We don't known if the problem is with vTuner or with LG... but something is working weird with this service... I will contact vTuner again.
  2. Hi everyone on this post, Finally I tested again like you my vTuner App and he's coming back !!! May be LG and other companies who's integrated this application in their basic OS they have decided to renew their contract with vTuner due to too much request of non-working. It's a good gift for Christmas... and for those they love Christmas and New Year songs, I suggest you to search for "North America - Canada - Quebec, then "Rouge FM 102,9" (French and English songs)... and every weekend 8-12pm you will find "funny songs", very interesting during the summer around a fireplace and a beer ! For the moment, we can "close" this post !
  3. Hi Genec, I'm suprized of your answer because I also open a call with LG support last week and I didn't received a positive solution like you... The person told me that application (vTuner) was not a LG application, but a third-party application distributed on LG Smart... then no support is offered !!! It sure that I tried to have more answer from the LG support. I asked to talk with his supervisor (level 2) and I didn't have a good answer also ! He just told me that vTuner partnership is no more supported by LG and this application is no more available ! Then, I ask to be refunded for my Under warranty Equipment (no more than 5 months) and he didn't want. I searched another answer on this problem. I open a case with vTuner company directly some days ago to understand what's happen withe their service, but I didn't receive any reply for the moment. If you go on the vTuner Website you can view that company have a partnership with Samsung, LG, Audi, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc... but nothing in a news section that could explain the situation of a temporary unavailable service or stopping their partnership. For the moment, the situation is very strange... many people seems to have the same problem, but didn't get the same answer from LG support.
  4. Hi, I was using somewhat often the vTuner application on my LG Blu-Ray BP735 and since few days I'm unable to start this application. When I start the vTuner from the Premium page (or from my favorites), I just got an horizontal white line in the screen. I waited over 10 minutes and nothing more. Turn On, Turn Off,... nothing more. My LG OS is a the latest version All others applications that I use are still working fine. The vTuner is a "builtin" application in the Premium menu. How can I fix the problem (I don't find a way to reinstall it) ? Regards GGBCE

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