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  1. No news and still not working, as of yesterday :-(
  2. Yup, it's gone again. I received an email from vTuner 2 days ago wanting to confirm that it was working on my device again. I replied that it was so I will reply back to them that it is now gone :-(
  3. Thanks for your post, Bees. I had last checked vTuner only a few days ago and still the black screen with white line along the top. After reading your post I tried it again this morning and voila! It is back up and working like usual with my favorites. I am in Canada and, as I mentioned above, LG told me over the phone that they were no longer supporting vTuner. So....I guess things have changed again. So glad to have it back and here's hoping it will keep working!
  4. I am in Canada. I called LG last week as well because their suggestion to 'initialize' my player did nothing. They had me on the line for a little awhile and then came back and told me the same thing: LG no longer has an agreement with vTuner so that is that. So disappointing. We loved vTuner too and I haven't been able to find or rig anything else up to our system that compares :-( Being in Canada, we don't have the Pandora option. I have noticed Deezer on our menu but it will never load up.
  5. I did hear back from LG via email. They suggested I 'initialize' my TV (even though my product is an LG smart bluray player). I did this and it did not fix the problem. I will email them again.
  6. I have the same problem on my LG BP620 blu ray player. We have enjoyed vTuner for years on this player and right after the last software update several days ago when we go into vTuner through premium we just get a black screen with a thin white horizontal line near the top. I have emailed both LG and vTuner but have not received a response :-( The vTuner box is still there at present. I really hope they will resinsate it.

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