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  1. I have the same set but haven't had any problems with netflix, youtube, or 3dnow. Those are really the only apps I use though. The interface is definitely a little hitchy at times though. Like you said, I hope the WebOS 2.0 upgrade will fix that if it ever comes. 3DNow will only stream 5.1 surround in WebOS 2.0 for some reason. Netflix does 5.1 fine. On a side note have you use the 3D much? I've noticed that I really have to be seated at the vertical sweet spot to limit the 3D 'ghosting'. Sitting up or leaning down affects the convergence greatly. I have another passive set, a Panasonic 1080p, that I've always been impressed with regarding the ghosting. One of the big reasons I got this 4k set was to have passive 3D in full 1080 (since passive will half the resolution of the tv in 3D) but the ghosting is disappointing.

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