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  1. Well I fixed it. Reset the damn thing to factory defaults and that seems to have cleared up the issue. Everything works great now (except now I have to redo my calibration). As for the 3D, We've only played with it a bit but it works really well. Of course our two chairs sit pretty much right in front of it. I didn't notice any ghosting. We never even opened the glasses that came with it. We used some we had from our last go to the theatre movie. Cheers! John
  2. Hello all, Longtime Samsung user here. Got a really good deal on the 55UB9500 so decided to give it a try. First, beautiful set, great picture but OS SUCKS! Either I am doing something wrong, or LG got it wrong. I have the set directly connected via ethernet. VERY fast internet (300 plus GB/S) I have constant issues with Pandora and Netflix. First it was pandora, it would start and play, then I would get some sort of error. Then it would play, and have these huge delays between songs. Very disappointing. Then Netflix. At first it seemed to work okay. I thought it took a LONG time for it to load a movie. It would hurry up to the 25% mark and then sit there for about a minute. Now, half the time I get errors that they cannot play this selection at this time. Then I get the movie to play and it will play for about five minutes and do the same thing. I went to the web and searched and found that people have deleted Netflix and started over. I can't even get that to work. When I follow the directions, going to settings/Network/Web OS apps (or what ever it's called) I get a screen about unlinking my devices or something like that and cannot get to the actual apps. I then did the up up up left right left thing to get to the log off menu and did that. logged back in but same thing.. I tried last night for over half an hour to get Netflix to work until I finally ran out of patience. I never had issues like this with any of my Samsung Tv's and not beginning to think I made a mistake but hope not. I love the TV otherwise. I am hoping that perhaps the OS 2.0 might fix it? That is of course if that ever happens. If anyone else has had issues like this and has figured out a way to fix it, please share that with me. I keep going over to Amazon.com, and looking at the Roku 4 but I really don't want to have to buy that, after just buying this new TV that's supposed to do all this for me. Plus I have read that people are having trouble with the Roku 4 and some LG tv's...Sigh.. Thanks, and sorry for the rant. Cheers, John