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  1. Which LG do you have and what is the software version. I have the LG 55LB7200-UB with software version 05.05.25. I and others had this problem for a very, very long time, months actually, and it was only after the software upgrade that the memory problem went away. To get around it I had to disable Simplink which meant I could not use my home theater external speakers for tv viewing.
  2. Pkshima, with the FW Update 5.00.20 I no longer have a problem with Simplink and the switching on/off of the TV and DVD player are back to working normally. Since this worked for you before you may have missed something in the setup.
  3. Someone on another site with this problem indicated they had spoken to LG Service and they're supposed to have a fix out this week (I'll believe it when it happens). As others have said disabling SimpLink fixes the problem. For sound through external speakers I use the Optical Port into the receiver.

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